Here is our plan:

Fase 1: Building up a player base, and earning revenue by ads. 50% directly to the players and 50% for investments!
Fase 2: Start paying out investments profits to the players!
Fase 3: We close the free registrations! to start the really benefit from the investments profits!
Fase 4: A open market where players can buy or sell a game account!
Fase 5: Lets keep increasing the payout amounts!


All the earned revenue minus the costs, will go back to the players!

Earned Revenue (Ads)

  • Costs (10%)
  • Investment pool (45%)
  • Reward pool (45%)

Costs includes
Servers/Licenses, Salary.

Investment pool
45% of the ads revenue will go to investments with the purpose of growing wealth, too pay out more rewards in the future! Profits made with the investments will split in 50/50 between compound and the reward pool. How longer the game exists the greater the rewards will be!

Reward pool
How to earn rewards? Rewards will be earned by playing the game, completing quests. But if you dont like to play you can invite friends as your referral! Every referral that earns rewards points, 10% goes to you!

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